Guided Elephant rides in the Lowveld Kruger area People getting sprayed by an African Elephant Elephant interaction and caring for the Lowveld Kruger elephants Elephants basking in the cool water Children interacting with the Lowveld elephant Elephant handlers showcasing the Lowveld elephants Elephant back safari through the Kruger Lowveld area Elephant trainers taking their elephants for a drink in the stream Ride your own elephant with a guided group through the Lowveld


Adopt one of the Elephant Whispers’ Elephant and give
the ultimate gift – the gift of life.

Adopting an Elephant for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or Christmas present is a truly meaningful gift which can be enjoyed for the whole year.

six lowveld elephant in formation with their handlers

“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren
may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”

Being entrusted with taking care of Tembo, Shamwari, Ziziphus, Medwa, Andile and Lindiwe is indeed a great privilege. It is a lifelong commitment demanding passion and dedication, in which the Elephant Whispers Team feels deeply honoured to be involved. Our commitment is to ensure that the elephant are healthy, happy and content, and safe and secure in their environment. We would like to invite you to share this honour, and through this, become an important member of our team by adopting one of the Elephant Whispers’ elephant.

Your donation will make a significant contribution towards the considerable day-to-day costs of caring for the elephant, veterinary expenses and for food should a bush fire or drought put pressure on the elephant’s natural food supply.

Elephant Whispers volunteer brushing down our lowveld elephant Strolling through the bush with an Elephant Lowveld elephant being hugged by a young girl

Minimum annual donation 1 200 South African Rands


>  A personalised adoption certificate, with a photograph
     and information on your chosen elephant.

>  Quarterly emailed updates on your elephant.

>  Fun elephant facts and interesting elephant information.

>  As one of our adopted parents you will always be an important
     part of the dedicated team who take care of these incredible
     mammals, who several years ago were to be culled, and were
     given a chance to live.

Certificate from Elephant Whispers when you Adopt an Elephant

With a view to being Green and to minimize printing and postage costs the Elephant Whispers Adopt an Elephant program will be digital, thus ensuring the elephant receive the full benefit of your generous donation.

Elephant care from the handler at Elephant Whispers Relaxing in the lowveld with an Elephant Patching up a wound on our lowveld elephants leg

To choose which elephant you would like
to sponsor, please view the profiles on each
of the Elephant Whispers Elephant.

Tembo the leader of our Herd


Elephant Whispers’
magnificent six
ton gentle giant,
the chosen leader
of our herd.

Lindiwe the African elephant is the yougest


Elephant Whispers’
youngest and
much loved female
African Elephant.

Ziziphus is a sweet natured African elephant


A sweet natured
African Elephant,
who simply loves
heaps of adoring

Medwa is an intelligent African elephant


This remarkably
intelligent elephant
loves showing off
new skills he has

Shamwari is a shy Elephant with a great sense of humour


A lovely, shy
elephant who has a
surprisingly wicked
sense of humour!

Andile is a young female African elephant that loves eating


A beautiful young
female African
Elephant who
simply loves
to eat!

Please contact us and let us know which
elephant you have chosen to adopt, and
what amount you would like to donate.
We will forward you all the relevant details.