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Elephant Whispers’ beautiful young female African
Elephant who simply loves to eat!

Andile is a beautiful young female elephant with a healthy appetite that knows no boundaries or limits! All elephant like to eat large quantities of food, and Elephant Whispers is proud to provide a home to the Olympic Gold Medal Winner in this category. Most appropriately named Andile, which in Zulu means to increase, to multiply and spread, she, much to our amusement, exceeded all expectations in this regard!

Andile the Lowveld elephant walking through the bush African Elephant with her trunk over her head Take a ride on Andile the African elephant

Andile is 14 years old; she weighs approximately 1.7 tons and stands 2m tall at shoulder height. She is a pretty elephant with elegant long eyelashes and a lovely sweet demeanour to match her attractive looks.

Andile has extremely sensitive eyes, her nictitating membrane works hard to keep her eyes moist and clean which results in a white foam often forming at the corner of her eye. When this foam turns into liquid, it runs down the creases around her eye and looks like tears.

Andile is a quick learner and enjoys learning new commands. Like Medwa, she enjoys showing off at every possible opportunity, in return, of course, for tasty treats. This behaviour has not resulted in her being Medwa’s favourite elephant; as she frequently gets the attention he so enjoys. They have settled into a brother/sister relationship with periods of enjoying each other’s company followed by competitive attention seeking.

Andile, being a smart young lady, likes things to go her own way seeks Tembo’s company for back-up!

As the most recent addition, Andile quickly settled and became a special member of the Elephant Whispers family. We all look forward to the day she discovers that she, like other elephant, can rumble, a privilege we look forward to hearing.


Name: Andile

Sex: Female

Age: 14 Years

Shoulder Height: 2.2m

Weight: 1.7 tons

Andile and her handler of Elephant Whispers


“An experience my grandson and I will never forget. Thank you for helping us to make unforgettable memories.”