Guided Elephant rides in the Lowveld Kruger area People getting sprayed by an African Elephant Elephant interaction and caring for the Lowveld Kruger elephants Elephants basking in the cool water Children interacting with the Lowveld elephant Elephant handlers showcasing the Lowveld elephants Elephant back safari through the Kruger Lowveld area Elephant trainers taking their elephants for a drink in the stream Ride your own elephant with a guided group through the Lowveld


A Life-changing Experience

TIME: 06h30 – 17h30

Experience the privilege of spending a wonderful day working closely with six majestic African Elephant. Meet at the elephant stables bright and early to wake the sleepy souls, help brush them down and watch their morning exercises.

Saddle up and enjoy an elephant back ride to the Sabie River where the elephant have their morning drink. After your ride, ‘roll up your sleeves’ and help care for the elephant alongside the Elephant Whispers Team.

Kruger Lowveld elephants basking in the water person caring for Lowveld elephant People cleaning up after african elephant

The balance of the day is spent with the elephant while they carry out their daily interaction and riding activities. Assist with observing and recording the elephant’s fascinating behaviour and feeding habits while they free-range feed in the bush.

Weather permitting; enjoy watching the elephant delight in their favourite activity, having their mud bath and cavorting like children in the dam.

A sundowner drink whilst watching an African sunset at the stables as the elephant settle for the night completes your magical and memorable day.

African elephant sparying water on man and woman in the Lowveld man riding Lowveld elephant while enjoying the view


Become a welcome member of the Elephant
Whispers’ herd for the day

Meet the elephant as they come out
their stables to greet the new day in
the early morning light

Embark on an elephant ride through
the dew kissed Lowveld bush

Observe the unique behaviour of the six gentle
giants as they go about their daily routine

A sundowner drink at the stables while
the elephant settle for the night
completes your elephant experience

2018 RATE

  R 4 100-00 (Min 2 people)



Elephant Interaction

Interaction and Elephant Back Ride

Interaction, Elephant Back Ride
and Lunch at Hippo Hollow

Early Morning Wake-up,
Interaction, Elephant Back Ride

Sunset Interaction, Elephant
Back Ride and Sundowner

Ultimate Elephant Experience

Day with an Elephant