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African elephant left ear Kruger Lowveld

The African Elephant’s left ear is shaped
like the continent of Africa.

Kruger Lowveld elephant body structure bones

To support their weight, elephant’s
bones are solid. They have 282 bones
and humans have 206 bones.

Kruger Lowveld elephant eating weight and food

They consume in the region of 5% of their
body weight daily, a six ton elephant eats
approximately 300kg of food each day.

African elephant teeth weight of a single tooth

An elephant’s tooth can weigh
as much as 3 kilograms!

Kruger Lowveld elephant skin thickness

The skin thickness varies from very thin
on the inside of the ear, to about 2.5cm
on their backs and parts of their head.

Kruger Lowveld elephant facts about height

To calculate an elephants height, measure
the circumference of the front foot and double
this figure – this will give you the shoulder
height. A handy tip should you be out on a bush
walk and come across elephant footprints!

Kruger Lowveld elephant eye without tearducts

Elephant can’t shed tears as they
don’t have tear ducts.

Kruger Lowveld elephant foot shape front and back

African Elephant’s front feet are round,
like a soccer ball, and their back feet oval,
shaped like a rugby ball.


Elephant can live up to
65 to 70 years of age.

Elephant are the only mammals
that can’t jump.

In relation to their size,
elephant have the largest brain
in the animal kingdom.