Guided Elephant rides in the Lowveld Kruger area People getting sprayed by an African Elephant Elephant interaction and caring for the Lowveld Kruger elephants Elephants basking in the cool water Children interacting with the Lowveld elephant Elephant handlers showcasing the Lowveld elephants Elephant back safari through the Kruger Lowveld area Elephant trainers taking their elephants for a drink in the stream Ride your own elephant with a guided group through the Lowveld


The Elephant Whispers Team

The Elephant Whispers Team appreciate what an exceptional privilege and honour it is to care for Tembo, Shamwari, Ziziphus, Medwa, Andile and Lindiwe. They are passionately dedicated to their charges, spending hours each day keeping the elephant company, walking together, cleaning their stables, collecting food and seeing to their medical needs.

the elephant whispers team building in Kruger lowveld feeding the elephants of the lowveld area handlers caring for their beloved African elephants

The reward for looking after the elephant is the gift of spending time with these incredible animals, developing deep bonds and working together in absolute harmony. The immense job satisfaction gained is sharing the wealth of elephant knowledge with guests who experience life changing moments when they meet these remarkable creatures.

colleen rubbing the African elephants tongue riding and training the mighty African elephant tembo 6 tons of fun African elephant reasearch in the kruger lowveld


“Thank you so much, your elephants
and staff are a credit to your all. An
experience of a lifetime.”

“Thank you for the fantastic way
you look after these gentle giants.
Awesome staff too!”


medwa the african elephant and tess the dog are good friends

Medwa and Tess, the Elephant Whispers’ pet dog, have developed a great friendship.