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Elephant Whispers’ youngest and much loved female African Elephant.

Lindiwe is an 11 year old female who weighs in at 1.6 tons. She is named after Lindie Hensman; Rory and Lindie Hensman are the founders & elephant trainers at EFAF, Elephants for Africa Forever, and partners in Elephant Whispers. Lindiwe is as gentle and intuitive as Lindie Hensman, they share a special bond which could clearly be seen one day when Lindiwe walked over to Lindie and leant her cheek on Lindie’s shoulder when Lindie was not well, offering comfort and companionship. In Zulu the name Lindiwe means ‘the girl we’ve been waiting for’, although Lindiwe was not named for this reason, she certainly fits the bill as she was well worth waiting for.

lindiwe the  African elephant with a baby girl lindiwe the African elephant taking a seat in the mud lindiwe the Kruger lowveld elephant getting some food

Lindiwe is not a morning elephant and can be a little grumpy until about 8am, when her normal happy disposition returns. She is not at all fond of rain, and refuses to come out of her stable in the morning if it is raining. All elephant love having regular mud baths, but Lindiwe particularly enjoys herself, which is rather at odds with her aversion to getting wet! Lindiwe is easily recognisable by her ‘trademark beauty spot’ which is a wart-like growth on the side of her head.

We recently had a vist from two remarkable guests, Norma and Wendy, two sisters who are both very ill. They had been through a difficult time with continuous chemotherapy treatments, and were completely exhausted and a little apprehensive about having to undergo further intensive debilitating treatments. They spent time just watching the elephant feeding in the bush, Lindiwe purposefully walked over to Norma and stood beside her for about 30 minutes, not moving, nor asking for food. After such a touching experience, Norma said felt more energized, and positive about fighting the disease again. It was amazing witnessing the palpable connection between Lindiwe and Norma; a rare privilege indeed.

Lindiwe would have been culled but was rescued by EFAF. By using Lindiwe in a facility like Elephant Whispers, she is, in effect a wildlife ambassador for her own kind, through enlightening visitors on the pressure that exists on wildlife areas and the effect that overpopulation of elephant has on biodiversity. Just as important though, Lindiwe touches many people, not only because she is so cute, but because she generously offers people soothing companionship, a most special gift.


Name: Lindiwe

Sex: Female

Age: 11 Years

Shoulder Height: 2.3m

Weight: 1.6 tons

lindiwe the African elephant gently interacting


“Amazing, I could not imagine a more wonderful way to meet the African Elephant. Thank you.”