Guided Elephant rides in the Lowveld Kruger area People getting sprayed by an African Elephant Elephant interaction and caring for the Lowveld Kruger elephants Elephants basking in the cool water Children interacting with the Lowveld elephant Elephant handlers showcasing the Lowveld elephants Elephant back safari through the Kruger Lowveld area Elephant trainers taking their elephants for a drink in the stream Ride your own elephant with a guided group through the Lowveld


School Visits

Conservation is an important component of the South African school curriculum. Learners are encouraged to develop their knowledge of our natural heritage and investigate ways of protecting the environment and our diverse wildlife.

group of students interacting with the  African elephant group of people interacting with the wonderous Lowveld elephant group of students amazed by the great lowveld elephant

The aim of the Senior School program at Elephant Whispers is to teach students, using a hands on approach, about the physiology of elephant. Senior school groups are made aware of the issues and diverse approaches to conservation. We hope to enthuse Learners to actively participate in conserving wildlife. The content of the information given during the Elephant Interaction varies in accordance to the age of the school group. Primary school groups spend a wonderful hour touching, feeding and learning about African Elephant, and touch on the challenges facing elephant in Southern Africa.

The Elephant Whispers elephants are fulfilling an essential function as wildlife ambassadors for their own kind. We believe they will make a positive contribution towards empowering our country’s youth to ensure the long term sustainable future of elephant in Africa.

group of children feeling the beautiful African elephant men showing the Kruger Lowveld elephant to group of people


The maximum group size for Primary
and High School Groups visiting
Elephant Whispers is 45 pupils.

Pre-school pupils will unfortunately
have to grow a little, when they reach
school going age, they are welcome
to visit Elephant Whispers!

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Teachers accompanying school groups will
not be charged for the Elephant Interaction.

Previously disadvantaged schools
are welcome to contact Elephant
Whispers to discuss rates.

The ideal activity for school groups is the
Elephant Interaction, regrettably
elephant backs rides cannot be booked.