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Elephant Whispers’ lovely, shy African Elephant who has
a surprisingly wicked sense of humour!

In Shona, the name Shamwari means ‘friend’ and true to his name, Shamwari is a very friendly elephant who takes pleasure from human company and attention. He is a 16 year old male elephant, measuring 2.3m at shoulder height and presently weighing in at 3 tons. His tall forelegs are the object of much admiration!

shamwari the African elephant spraying people shamwari the African elephant loves soccer shamwari the African elephant spraying people

When we first met Shamwari, he had a serious infection in his ‘nether regions’. The vet put him under anaesthetic and treated him; and thereafter medication had to be applied twice daily. Shamwari became nervous of people approaching him from behind and being close to his legs, as for the duration of the extended treatment it inevitably resulted in him experiencing discomfort.

In an effort to help Shamwari become more relaxed and trusting once the treatment was complete, the Grooms taught Shamwari to kick a ball. Not only did he enjoy the positive encouragement and their enthusiasm at his success, but when the Grooms kicked the ball back to Shamwari, it would roll under him, or near his back legs and they would fetch the ball.

Shamwari became increasingly comfortable with people being close to him and behind him, as it was a pleasant experience, one which resulted in a big fuss and plenty of attention for Shamwari.

It is very important that the elephant allow us behind them and under them, as we carefully check each elephant every day to ensure they don’t have sores, or thorns which need treatment.

Shamwari’s increasing self confidence and sense of humour are an absolute joy to witness. He loves to fill his trunk with water, line up an unsuspecting target and drench them with spray.
Initially he would spray the water on the ground, but Shamwari quickly realised he would get more of a reaction spraying us!


Name: Shamwari

Sex: Male

Age: 16 Years

Shoulder Height: 2.7m

Weight: 3 tons

Kruger lowveld elephant shamwari posing for the camera


“It was amazing – we did it already in Asia, but this was a 1000 times better.”