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Elephant Whispers’ sweet natured African Elephant,
who simply loves heaps of adoring attention!

With an exotic sounding name like Ziziphus, this special elephant must certainly be unique! Living up to all expectations, Ziz, or Zizi, as he is fondly known, is a firm favourite among visitors and Elephant Grooms. His full name is Ziziphus Micronata, which is the scientific name for a Buffalo Thorn tree, and was chosen for him as the first time we met Ziziphus, he was feeding near some Buffalo Thorn trees.

ziziphus the Kruger Lowveld elephant taking a drink ziziphus getting cared for by an elephant loving person. ziziphus the African elephant playing in the river

Ziziphus is a 16 year old male, he weighs approximately 2.8 tons. He is easily recognizable by the distinctive shape of his forehead and by his calm demeanor. He is a creature of habit; he thrives on routine and a regular schedule. When he is out on a walk, Ziziphus likes to be positioned behind the same elephant, and always in the same order. Ziz seems to feel more comfortable and secure when flanked by other elephant, or Grooms, on both of his sides.

When adding any infrastructure to our venue, we ensure that we slowly introduce Ziziphus to the new building, walking a little closer every day, until he is content that the new addition does not pose any threat.

When watching guests and staff interacting with the elephant, it is wonderful to see how people are drawn to Ziziphus, they take pleasure in the restful, undemanding companionship so generously offered by him. Guests appreciate his soothing, gentle manner, and are rewarded by Ziz’s obvious enjoyment of the attention he gets.

All elephant love oranges, and Ziz is certainly no exception. Israel, a Senior Groom at Elephant Whispers, often chuckles when watching Ziz eating oranges, saying that he has the same dreamy look on his face that ladies get when eating chocolate!


Name: Ziziphus

Sex: Male

Age: 16 Years

Shoulder Height: 2.5m

Weight: 2.8 tons

ziziphus the African elephant posing in the lowveld


“Amazing! Awesome! Loved it!!
And I am 58 years old!!! God Bless!”