“These fifteen minutes felt like an eternity hanging over the Falls and absorbing its mesmerizing beauty.”

“...the helicopter flight over Victoria Falls was the best.”

“...these 15 minutes in the air were the best time of my life.”

“It was worth every penny.”

“ more than lived up to expectations.”

“A thrilling way to see Victoria Falls.”

“Batoka Sky is the best in their field. Professionalism, good video recording, commentary by the pilot,
right height over the falls and good angles to take good pictures. Reasonably priced.”

“I did the 30 minute helicopter ride and loved every minute of the trip. Great view of the falls, loved the flight through
the Gorge, and it was cool seeing the park / animals from above. Pilot was good, knew a lot.
I sat in the front seat and had no issues getting some great pictures.”

“Flying over one of the natural wonders of the world has been an unforgettable experience !!”

“The pilot circled the Falls three times, stopping few times in the air to allow me to take good shots and footage. I was happy bunny.”

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