“I loved zipping across the rapids!”

“Saw elephant crossing the river in front of us – amazing!”

“Close-up game viewing out of this world!”

“Could have spent the whole day exploring the islands.”

“Great bird sightings.”

“My first time in Africa and heard the call of Africa – the cry of the fish eagle, breathtaking!”

“Game viewing in style!”

“Our guide was most informative, he had a wealth of knowledgeable about the animals, birds and river life, we learnt a great deal.”

“The boat trip was great, it was really exciting skimming across the rapids and we enjoyed the trip around the islands too.”

“I have seen too many movies about boats going over waterfalls...our guide humoured me and patiently explained the extra safety precautions they had in place if our engine failed, and the distance from the falls. Was fine after that!”

“Great Game Ride!”

“Such a hot day – but was cool on the boat.”

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