Emzini Tours began operations in mid 2010 as the fulfilment of Ella Mahlulo’s dream, to take people to the Knysna Township and introduce them to Xhosa Culture and traditions. Ella was born on a farm in the Eastern Cape and grew up working on there, caring for her mother and putting herself through school. Through hard times she has blossomed into a positive, motivated person, determined to make a difference in her community. Ella joined ranks with Penny and Emzini Tours to the township resulted. Along route, they include visits to people and places that have personal connections and are uplifting. The Siyaya group of Xhosa dancers, singers and drummers, who practice every day at the Love Life Centre, needed some exposure and are now included on all the trips, empowering them to make a better life for themselves.

Knysna Hollow has partnered with Emzini Tours and Siyaya by offering them a venue for their performances once or twice a week in the gardens at the hotel. Guests at Knysna Hollow get to experience the magic of township dancing and music first-hand, while the performers have a new venue at which to display their talents and an opportunity to earn additional income through donations from guests who attend the performance.


“We have hope”

A number of years ago Knysna citizens became concerned about the ever increasing number of children at risk in the community (particularly street children), and started an organization to address this issue.

Begging children on the streets of Knysna are taken to the fully equipped Youth Development Centre, which provides facilities for hygiene, feeding, administration and teaching (adult basic education training). Social workers investigate the parental backgrounds and reasons for the children being on the streets. They give daily instruction and counselling in preparation for the children’s return to schools, family or foster care. There is also a crèche where pre-school children are prepared for school.

Knysna Hollow became involved when we were approached to assist with meals for children on the street, which was served to them from a volunteer’s car. Subsequently, Sinethemba was established in Khayalethu and the meals were replaced with a monthly donation of dry goods, which Knysna Hollow continues to provide.

Recently we’ve also started a vegetable garden, which we have fenced to keep cattle out. Sinethemba have now taken ownership of the garden and are able to supply the children with the opportunity to plant their own veggies, keeping them healthy and well nourished.

Should you wish to assist Knysna Hollow
in making a difference, visit
or send Liesel Battell a message
below and she will assist.


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