Knysna, situated in Western Cape is a small town with no violent crime. Knysna Hollow is just 2km from town, in a country setting, there is no urban decay and little crime. The area is considered safe to walk and cycle around.

Although the area is safe, we advise that you do take basic common sense precautions, for example not walking alone in deserted areas at night and being circumspect about how much photographic equipment or flashy jewellery you carry. Keep valuables locked in the safe. Lock your room door at night or when going out.

Reception will be able to assist with any safety queries. If you are in doubt as to the safety of a particular area or attraction, contact the National Tourism Information and Safety line on +27 (0) 83-123-2345. The number may also be used for practical assistance in replacing lost documents or reporting incidents.

Knysna Hollow offers guests safe and secure off-street parking on the Estate, and a security guard patrols the estate every evening.

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