Perry’s Bridge Hollow's doors were opened in 2006 by Jack and Trevor Brotherton. Situated behind the Perry’s Bridge Trading Post, just outside Hazyview.

The fifth hotel in the Hollow Hotel family, Perry’s Bridge Hollow opened its doors the same year as Hollow on the Square in Cape Town, after the success of Hippo Hollow in Hazyview (1995), Knysna Hollow (1998), and Cape Town Hollow Hotel in 2003. Casterbridge Hollow Hotel, in White River, the latest success in the Hollow Hotel group opened in 2009.

The Hollow Hotels are all marketed and managed by Seasons in Africa, a premier tourism marketing and management company, comprising of luxury game lodges, hotels and adventures throughout Southern Africa. Each of the properties within the group not only offer all the facilities one expects, but also warm, friendly and personalised service!


Perry’s Bridge Trading Post is named after a Canadian who when finding farming too much like hard work, joined the American navy. This turned out to be even harder work so he jumped ship in Cape Town.

Moving upcountry, Perry made his living by building houses for farmers and receiving payment in sheep and cattle. These he would drive to the nearest pub and drink until their value was exhausted.

A story is told that he was building a house for a wealthy widow who found nothing but fault with his work. Perry tolerated her criticism stoically for some time, but one day when he had reached roof height and was working from the scaffolding, the widow stood below him and complained yet again. His patience deserted him and he dropped a brick on her head, which knocked her to the ground.

Perry, thinking he had killed the querulous widow, packed his tent and fled the scene, he later learned that although she woke up with a headache, the old lady survived.

At various times Perry was a bridge builder, a trooper with Steinacker’s horse, unlicensed recruiting agent for the gold mines and a trader in hides who roamed the Lowveld as far afield as present day Zimbabwe. But whatever his occupation at the time, the proceedings of his activities invariably ended up in the pocket of some innkeeper.

In his declining years, Perry obtained a piece of ground on the banks of the Sabie River, went back to farming and established a trading store... Perry’s Farm and Trading Post.


... staff extremely friendly and helpful.

We can most certainly recommend
Perry’s Bridge Hollow to any visitor
to the Lowveld.

Wonderful little place with everything...

I would highly recommend
Perry’s Bridge Hollow.

The hotel is charming with
spacious and clean rooms.

Innocent and his colleagues
go above & beyond!

...he was a delight always smiling and
couldn’t do enough for you.

The food was great.

We wished we could have stayed longer.

Another great stay!


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