River in the Pafuri Makuleke area from The Outpost luxury Lodge Kruger Makuleke on Safari with baby Cheetah Cubs Elephant in the Makuleke from The Outpost in the Pafuri Baoobab Tree in the Pafuri from The Outpost Safari Lodge Wildlife such as buck in the Makuleke from our Safari Lodge accommodation Safari experience eith The Outpost Luxury Lodge in the Makuleke River of The Outpost Safari Lodge in the Pafuri


Experience the African Bush with a Hospitable Display of Sunshine

Situated in the northernmost sector of South Africa, the Limpopo region is bisected by the tropic of Capricorn, and boasts a subtropical climate with sunshine, long summer afternoons and dry days, with occasional showers in summer...

In summer you will be greeted with hot days (average 37°C /98°F) and dry warm winters (average minimum 9.3°C/48°F and average maximum 26.3°C/79°F).

Be sure not to be caught out by the intermittent summer rains which fall between October and March. When you see the late afternoon sky growing heavy with clouds, a short thunderstorm normally follows.

In winter, the early mornings and late afternoon/evenings do get very cold, so be sure to bring sufficient warm clothing, but don’t forget the days are very pleasant and warm.

In general the weather will greet you with a hospitable display of sunshine for the perfect safari.


With a hot, sub-tropical climate, this region is a year-round safari destination.

During the dry winter months, from June to August the game congregate at water holes in search of water, and the bush is not so thick, making game viewing easier.

The wet summer season from November to February brings full waterholes, lush bushveld, many newborn wildlife and birdlife.

This is a truly spectacular area and is vastly different, but equally beautiful throughout the year.

South African safari lodge with warm weather in the Pafuri Makuleke safari lodge with warm African weather
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