River in the Pafuri Makuleke area from The Outpost luxury Lodge Kruger Makuleke on Safari with baby Cheetah Cubs Elephant in the Makuleke from The Outpost in the Pafuri Baoobab Tree in the Pafuri from The Outpost Safari Lodge Wildlife such as buck in the Makuleke from our Safari Lodge accommodation Safari experience eith The Outpost Luxury Lodge in the Makuleke River of The Outpost Safari Lodge in the Pafuri


Sustaining our Future

In the past, due to its proximity to Zimbabwe and Mozambique, this area had been heavily poached, and hunting was a form of income.

Anti-poaching measures in 2003 and 2004 destroyed more than 1 000 snares and the re-introduction of game has significantly increased animal numbers.

The introduction of significant species which had been absent for many years (more than 120 years in the case of the white rhino), the protection of all animal and plant life, and partnering with the Makuleke people in sustainable eco-tourism, marked the beginning of the restoration of ecological integrity to the area.

Apart from the immediate benefits of a greater tourist appeal to the area due to visible big game species, the objectives were more insightful than that. It is believed that the introduction of such species will eventually assist in restoring the natural vegetation composition and ecological integrity in the area.

Wetland rehabilitation has taken place in the southern bank of the Luvuvhu River (just upstream of the Makuleke Ramsar Site), and has contributed largely to improving the health of the Ramsar Site. At the same time, about 40 people from the Makuleke community were employed in this rehabilitation project of R1,8 million which ensured that this wetland remains in its pristine condition.

Recently a project has been undertaken to remove all the dilapidated and unwanted fences in the region, using the Makuleke community as labour force.

The Outpost generally has ample water for all the wildlife of the Makuleke area Animals on The Outpost lodge safari dring at the Watering hole
Rhino Warrior with Rhino Force to protect the African Rhino


Join in on the Fight Against Poaching

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