River in the Pafuri Makuleke area from The Outpost luxury Lodge Kruger Makuleke on Safari with baby Cheetah Cubs Elephant in the Makuleke from The Outpost in the Pafuri Baoobab Tree in the Pafuri from The Outpost Safari Lodge Wildlife such as buck in the Makuleke from our Safari Lodge accommodation Safari experience eith The Outpost Luxury Lodge in the Makuleke River of The Outpost Safari Lodge in the Pafuri


Address: The Outpost, Makuleke Contractual Park (Pafuri Triangle)
                     Northern Kruger National Park
                     Limpopo Province, South Africa

GPS Co-Ordinates:   SOUTH -22° 26’ 24.81”   |   EAST 31° 5’ 3.2496”

Directions via Kruger National Park to The Outpost

Directions Via Pietersburg (Polokwane) and
Louis Trichardt (Makhado) to The Outpost

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NOTE: All routes calculated based on Pafuri, South Africa.

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