River in the Pafuri Makuleke area from The Outpost luxury Lodge Kruger Makuleke on Safari with baby Cheetah Cubs Elephant in the Makuleke from The Outpost in the Pafuri Baoobab Tree in the Pafuri from The Outpost Safari Lodge Wildlife such as buck in the Makuleke from our Safari Lodge accommodation Safari experience eith The Outpost Luxury Lodge in the Makuleke River of The Outpost Safari Lodge in the Pafuri


The Outpost is located in the Northern Kruger National Park

Situated between the Limpopo and the Luvuvhu Rivers in the northern sector of Kruger National Park lies the Makuleke Contractual Park (formerly known as The Pafuri) an area spanning some 26,500 hectares.

Safari lodge in the Nothern Kruger National Park

Sharing a border with Zimbabwe and Mozambique, this Park is the ancestral home of the Makuleke people and is arguably the most diverse and scenically attractive area in all of Kruger National Park.

Although remote, this Luxury Safari Lodge is well worth a visit and certainly will not disappoint!


Almost 80% of the Kruger
Park’s diversity found here.

Rocks dating back 250 million years.

Over 350 bird species identified.

Traces of early humankind.

Baobabs carbon dating back 1400 years.

Listed Ramsar Wetland Site.

26 500 ha Park with only 2 Lodges
with traversing rights.



Crook’s Corner, gained its name in the 19th century as the region that was seen as a haven for criminals and poachers who would use the proximity of three countries at the confluence of the Limpopo and Luvuvhu rivers to escape police by fleeing out of their jurisdiction into an adjoining country.

Crooks Corner is an area with infamous history
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