Luxury swimming pool facilities of our Makuleke Safari Lodge Luxury bedroom in the Makuleke safari lodge Bathing in the bush of the Makuleke with The Outpost Pafuri swimming pool by the safari bonfire at The Outpost Makuleke safari lodge in the Pafuri with Massage therapies Luxury Makuleke Safari Lodge with designer decor


Coupled with Sensational Views... What Could be More Indulgent & Relaxing?

Complete your ultimate safari experience with some of our pampering Massage Therapies enjoyed in the privacy of your Luxury Suite with the most spectacular views. A fabulously relaxing way to round off your African Safari...


FULL BODY MASSAGE  - 60 minutes
A relaxing massage encompassing head,
neck, back & arms. A variety of techniques
will be employed to ease the tension in
some of the largest muscles in the body.

A specialised massage concentrating on
the scalp, trapezius and deltoid muscles.
A scalp massage will leave you incredibly
relaxed whilst the increased blood supply
to the head will leave you invigorated.

HAND & FEET TREATMENT - 30 minutes
A luxurious hand and foot exfoliation is
conducted to cleanse the skin and remove
any impurities.  This is followed by a focused
massage on both the hands and feet.

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