Pafuri aerial view of The Outpost The Outpost in the Kruger Makuleke Leopard in the tree The Outpost in the Pafuri has luxury Swimming Pools Pafuri Makuleke elephant at The Outpost river Pafuri Lodge accommodation has luxury bedrooms Makuleke Safari Lodge Accommodation at The Outpost Group viewing the Pafuri Makuleke from The Outpost surrounds


Modern, minimalist and Eco-friendly

Set on the slopes of a high rocky outcrop, the modern design of The Outpost is exaggerated by its elevated state on solid stilts of steel – a decision motivated by the steep lay of the land as well as a desire to optimise views and touch the earth lightly.

The modern up-to-date use of materials such as timber, concrete and stonework are materials used by most safari lodges, but here the combination of steel, polished slabs of concrete and galvanised sheet metal, are composed into a powerfully unique and contemporary design.

This distinct design does not isolate itself from the natural habitat, instead it integrates harmoniously into its environment with the absence of barriers to the natural elements allowing a virtually un-interrupted interface between inside and out.

The principles of sustainable architecture ranged from the strict regulation of construction activities, careful water management, effective sun-orientation in order to minimise energy usage and a natural cooling system, to the decisions to build around the trees and raise the lodge on stilts for a minimum footprint.


The rooms are utterly unique
– 3 walls have been removed
and replaced with floor to
ceiling electric blinds which
when opened (and we hardly
ever had them closed) allow
180 degree views of the incredibly
beautiful Luvuvhu river valley
and the wildlife below.


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