Makuleke elephant in the dust while on The Outpost Lodge safari Makuleke Pafuri scenery from The Outpost luxury safari lodge Male Lion in the Makuleke grass from The Outpost luxury safari lodge River of the Makuleke at The Outpost safari lodge Watching the morning sunride while on safari in the Makuleke with The Outpost The Outpost with the luxury safari vehicle in the Pafuri


The Makuleke Community

The Outpost is a partnership between the Lodge and the Makuleke people. The development of the Lodge is inextricably linked to the history of the Makuleke people, their forced removal from the region under the Apartheid laws of the old South African government and the subsequent return of title to the Makuleke people. The history of the Makuleke people is best explored by a visit to the Makuleke Village in the capable hands of a Makuleke guide. You will wander through the village meeting the community and gain insight as to how the Makuleke was won back and then surrendered to nature for the sake of wildlife and biodiversity.

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