With endless knowledge and enthusiasm our professional guides
will open your eyes to the wonders of this magnificent reserve.


“The richness I achieve comes from
Nature the source of my inspiration.”

The bush grabbed me from a very early age and I have been fortunate enough to study it and turn it into a lifestyle and my deepest passion.

I am a nature conservationist, lodge manager and field guide. I have worked in the Kruger National Park where I was involved with the habitat management aspects of the bush such as research, game capture, anti-poaching, etc. This is where my true passion for nature became imminent.

From there I jumped into the tourism industry and started guiding guests in the Timbavati Game Reserve which adjoins the Kruger National Park. From there Heidi and I went to manage a Game and Trout Farm near Baberton, until Big 5 country called us back.

I have now called Tuningi home for the past 10 years.

I love sharing my knowledge with all my guests every day and my love for wildlife photography has grown over the last 16 years of being in the bush and somehow my passion has become an extension of my work through my lens.


“Adopt the pace of Nature. Her secret is patience”

I grew up in the small town of Thabazimbi, and regularly visited our family farm on weekends. This was where the bush bug bit me. The family had big educational plans for their kids so I went to study law at Pretoria University before deciding that sitting behind a desk will drive me to madness.

I decided to follow my dreams, and did a course in field guiding to became a game ranger. My first job was in the Timbavati Game Reserve, and I immediately knew that I was back where I belonged..... Out in the bush.

I eventually moved to Madikwe to be closer to home and to see more of my favourite animals, one being the very endangered African Wild Dog. I have now been in Madikwe for 7 years, and love the Reserve with all my heart.

I am very keen on sharing my knowledge about animal behaviour and birds and am still learning something new every day. I have joined the Tuningi team in September 2015, and look forward to sharing my passion with you all here at Tuningi.


“The surrounding environment is the best master to teach us the fundamental laws of nature and the basics of living in life” – Anuj Samary

My name is Cornelius Wessels. I was born in Kroonstad in the Free State Province.

After Matric I obtained a qualification from the Bush Academy (affiliated from the International Hotel School) in guiding and lodge management.

I have been working as a professional field guide for 8 years. I am passionate about nature conservation and my work in the African bush.

I started working with the Tuningi Team 4 and a half years ago. It`s a very rewarding lifestyle and the best part of my job, is that I`m learning something new every day and that I am able to share all this knowledge with my guests.

Because of my working environment I am fortunate that I am also in the position to develop my interest and skills in photography, which has become my new found passion!”


...guide Cornelius was excellent
and taught us so much.

...his enthusiasm and knowledge
was infectious and enviable.

...seeing unbelievable sightings
with Gavin Tonkinson...

His super upbeat, friendly,
enthusiastic and passionate
nature and his drive to get
us the best photo opportunity
possible, saw us venturing
out off the beaten path,
though thick bush to get
up close to all the animals.

He is extremely knowledgeable
and has lots of energy that
he commits to each drive.

...enthusiastic and well
informed game rangers...

...exceptional in his knowledge
and wish give everyone
the best exerience.

...their knowledge and respect
of the wildlife is inspiring...

His passion, knowledge and
commitment to the animals
was really infectious.

...his knowledge of them
was encyclopedic; his patience
with us was endless; his
enthusiasm for wildlife
was infectious; and his
eyesight was superhuman.


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