The name Madikwe translates to ‘a place of blood’, ‘the crocodile’, and ‘wealth’ in the indigenous languages of the area and as such is synonymous with wilderness.

The Madikwe Game Reserve has a rich heritage, being first home to the ancient San people, and then the migrating Nguni tribes moving slowly more to the South. Later missionaries and cattle farmers tried to make a living in this rugged terrain.

Tuningi Safari Lodge is an elegant, five star lodge set in a tranquil valley in this now magnificent Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West Province. This reserve has a unique conservation success story behind it, since only fifteen years ago it was arid, cattle grazing land.

Madikwe was born out of a sense of social responsibility - as a tactic to save the area from poverty. The communities in the area have not only been involved in contributing to the project but have also benefited greatly from the jobs that the reserve and its lodges have created.

The 75 000 hectare reserve has been painstakingly restored from arid, cattle grazing land to its rich natural environment. The reserve also undertook the largest ever game translocation in the world, which occurred when 8 000 animals of 28 species were moved to the reserve in “Operation Phoenix” which was concluded in 1997. These included the Big-5 and other endangered species. Hence the world renowned Madikwe Game Reserve was created through the collective effort of government, communities and investors.

What makes this beautiful area even more attractive is the fact that it is malaria-free and is approximately three and a half hours drive from Johannesburg and a mere hour’s flight.

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