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The Madikwe Game Reserve boasts great beauty and splendour, however it is a place that is still surrounded with poverty.

In the late 1980’s the government decided to alleviate poverty in the area.

A land feasibility study was completed and it was decided that the best way of utilizing this land was to establish a game reserve, which was officially opened in 1991. This opened doors to so many people and was very beneficial to the local communities in the surrounding areas. As the safari lodges were built, new work and employment opportunities arose. As Madikwe only employs people from the local surrounding villages, job opportunities increased.

Education and specialisation was the order of the day and lives were improved. Yet one can never help enough. Madikwe Hills staff decided to put some extra effort in to make a difference in the lives of the surrounding villagers and friends. A great deal of time was spent in Molatedi Village to assess where help was needed.


Molatedi has a high school (Batlokooa Secondary School), with 160 scholars, a primary school (Thageng Primary School) with 170 scholars, as well as an early learning centre “crèche” (Mfoloe Pre-School) for pre-school children.

Madikwe Hills decided to focus their attention on the crèche or early learning centre in the village, which currently admits 20 children, aged between 0 – 5 years. One month school fee is a mere R100 per child, but unfortunately an unreachable and unpayable amount for their parents, because R100 is the price of a big bag of maize meal; food on the table for the entire family for a whole month.

Financial aid would make a world of difference in these children’s lives. It would give them the opportunity to go to school and get educated – an opportunity to grow and learn and experience.

Sadly there is a lack of everything at the early learning centre. From books to read and write, stationary, musical instruments, sporting equipment, toys and school benches – the list is never ending.

A lot of these children are very creative and with the right training and equipment could in future have many doors of opportunity opened to them, from starting their own businesses to providing services to lodges within the reserve.

Emma, Nolene (Restaurant Manager), Ellie & Ezelle (Assistant GM).

Emma and Ellie (mother & daughter) arranged a Bake Sale in the UK, through the Brownie Group that Ellie is in, to raise money for the Molatedi Crèches.

They have raised R2,300.00 for their efforts and with their generosity we were able to buy a couple of things on the Crèche’s shopping list.

The second photo was taken at the crèche when Ellie handed out the items, as per Emma’s description “Ellie’s face while handing them all the hula hoops and balls was priceless”.

On behalf of the Molatedi Crèche Team and the kiddies, we would like to say thank you very much for all the donations that were made to the crèche. Every bit helps, many thanks for your support.


If you at all feel the need to take part in
our quest to make a difference please
feel free to make payments into account
listed below.

Should you like more information
on how you can help this
community please contact
Hannes (hannes@madikwehills.com) or
Ezelle (ezelle@madikwehills.com).

Thank you in advance for your support.

Account NameMolatedi Project
BranchKey West, South Africa
Branch Number198841
Account Number1988433649
Type of AccountCheque Account

Once a deposit has been made, please
send us an email with the following details
– in order for us to keep record and
thank you for your contribution:

    >  Name & Surname
    >  Email address
    >  Date of deposit
    >  Amount Deposited
    >  Reference on bank statement

Should you prefer us to buy something
specific for the project, please
also state this on the email.

Please mail this info to
Hannes or Ezelle (details above)


We are helping by collecting items that we do not use anymore but which might make a difference in the life of a child that does not have such an item. This option is easier for South African citizens and arrangements for collection of such items could be made.

A few projects are in the pipeline, however financial aid is needed in order for these projects to become a reality.

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