The Beginnings of a Very Special & Unique Place


In 2003 the five owners, Louis Kruger, Jack Brotherton, Carl Trieloff, Hector Magome and William Stephens, joined forces and invested in the Madikwe Game Reserve.

Many days were spent exploring the proposed koppie, envisaging which room would go where, where to build the main lodge, boma, spa, gym, reception and staff quarters and how the high wooden walkways would join them.

An architect was hired to draw up plans, but it soon became apparent that one could not build from the original plans in the bush, especially not on a koppie!

The plans were thrown into the fire and new plans were drawn up for each unique suite. Striving to keep all the suites completely private and more importantly, keeping the environment as untouched as possible, each suite was ingeniously fitted between rocks, trees and overhangs which created an amazing feeling of genuinely living within the surroundings.

It took a year and a half to build Madikwe Hills, a very challenge feat... Due to the typography, no truck could get close to where most the foundations needed to be laid, so the builders carried most of the materials and equipment from drop off site to building. Hard to comprehend now walking on the raised wooden walkways (the last part of the project) linking the suites to the main lodge and reception.

Madikwe Hills opened its doors to the public in August 2004.


In the early 1940’s the Marico district was declared the poorest province in South Africa. Thus the Parks Board decided to create the Madikwe Game Reserve, situated in a malaria-free area, not only to conserve the fauna and flora, but also to provide a sanctuary to visitors from afar, as well as to create a more favourable environment for the local people.

The reserve was formed in 1991 in a unique alliance between local communities and private enterprises and involved the relocation of some 8200 animals. Here the plains team with wildlife and a world of intrigue and majestic beauty wait to enchant you! VIEW MORE ON THE RESERVE


MH is wonderfully
built around its surrounding

Where luxury meets nature...

The location was beautiful...

The entire lodge appears
to be part of the
natural environment.


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