We are privileged in South Africa to have hours of sunshine amongst the highest in the world.

At Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve, spring and summer give way to green, lush and thick bush. It is the time of the year where there are many newborn animals. Autumn and winter can be dry, the bush being less dense and waterholes frequented more often due to the lack of water.

Temperatures range from 20-30 degrees Celsius in spring, 25-35 degrees Celsius in summer, 19-28 degrees Celsius in autumn, and 08-25 degrees Celsius in winter.

This being said, Leopard Hills can be visited throughout the year and weather conditions will not affect your memorable experience of the South African bushveld.

The closest town on the weather map to Leopard Hills is Skukuza in Mpumalanga, which experiences the same weather as Leopard Hills.

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