Best Wishes for 2018

Spending time with a travelling herd of Elephant to start the new year of 2018. Best wishes to everyone for 2018 from …


Summer Colours

The summer rains have started arriving and the bush has turned into a beautiful bright green as everything has freshened up.  


Playful Leopard

          The summer rains have arrived and the Leopard are enjoying the cooler conditions. Thlangisa and her cub …

Cub Looking at Mom

Stalking Leopard Cub

Thlangisa & her cub found the perfect spot in a dry riverbed to spend the afternoon as they took a break from …


Wild Dogs take back their kill

One morning after tracking down and following the Mhangene pride for most of the morning, we heard that the pack of Wild …


Ravenscourt & Boulders

Intense interaction between Ravenscourt Male & Boulders Female, it is always wonderful seeing these solitary cats together. Boulders Female made a kill …


Thlangisa “The Playful One”

Thlangisa (The Playful One) “Leopard cubs found” the words that brings joy and excitement to every ranger working in the Western sector. …


Hyena pup playing

Spotted Hyenas work in a matriarchal society, meaning their is a dominant female or queen that will be in charge of the …


Kiara’s Leopard Image

Having discovered one of Kiara Rodgers photographs on her Face book page Kiara Rodgers Photography, Simon Stevenson, an amazingly talented artist from …