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Marius Coetzee

Pressure from the East

A couple of months ago a new young male leopard moved into our area from the East. According to our neighbours the young feline is the son of a female known as the Xidulu Female.

Rangers Report May 2010

Winter is upon us and the early morning temperatures have been fairly cold. Armed with blankets, hot water bottles and fleeces nothing could stop us getting our guests phenomenal sightings. The highlights are numerous this month but regular sightings of 2 sets of leopard cubs and the visit by an …

Rangers Reports April 2010

Another month has passed in the African bush and as usual we have had some amazing game viewing at Leopard Hills. The big news this month is that we have finally have had some magical sightings of the Hlaba Nkunzi female leopard’s 2 cubs as well as great sightings of …