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Game Drives

Image by - Johan de la Rey

New cats on the block

It has been a while since we have had a little shake up. With the current resident lions shifting territories, new cats are moving into the area. We had received exciting news that a female cheetah with two cubs was moving steadily west. How long it would take for them …

Thlangisa and cubs - Johan de la Rey 1

The Playful Ones

Winter is quickly approaching and the bush is swiftly showing signs of the changing season. Yet there is still a hive of activity on the reserve. Thlangisa, a wonderfully relaxed female leopard, has provided us with a gift of cubs yet again. The mother has found a secure den site …

Kelly Dam - Cal Butler

Kelly Dam and her kill

Night time in the bush can be a daunting thing for some, but sometimes it yields wonderful surprises. One of our rangers, Cal, headed down to the reserve’s airstrip to fetch some guests. As he passed through a wooded area something caught his eye. It was an impala in a …


Hyena pup playing

Spotted Hyenas work in a matriarchal society, meaning their is a dominant female or queen that will be in charge of the clan. Within a clan’s territory they might have multiple den sites which they use when they have pups. They are known to be very social animals and enjoy …