In 2003 Leopard Hills formed a school on the premises, providing the children of managers and staff throughout the Sabi Sand Reserve with the opportunity of an education matching the high standards of top South African schools and colleges. The school has proved to be highly popular, as children have the opportunity of gaining a top education whilst growing up in the unique bushveld that surrounds them.

After 11 years the school is still going strong with only the pioneers of the school left, Megan (17) and Kiara (14) and their teacher Tammy.

Megan and Kiara have had the privilege of being home-schooled in the bush their whole lives. Besides all the academic work done, the girls have witnessed exciting siting’s such as saving a rhino, darting and saving various animals such as crocodile, cheetah, lion, buffalo etc.

Megan is interested in pursuing a career in Medicine and Kiara a career in Graphic Design once they have completed their schooling. For now, however, life in the African Bush is perfect.




Tammy has grown up on the East Coast of South Africa in KwaZulu-Natal. After being at Leopard Hills for several years on the Hospitality side of things, she jumped at the opportunity of becoming the School Teacher and getting to spend time with the beautiful young ladies Megan and Kiara. She loves the family orientated and friendly environment at Leopard Hills and enjoys being able to work with her husband Jacques Erasmus. Tammy is also one of our talented Spa Therapists and after working at some of the most exclusive Safari Spa destinations in South Africa, she has found her spot at Leopard Hills and enjoys all aspects of living and working in the African Bush.

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