As most of you may know, we had mjor floods between 17 & 19 January 2012

In just short of 48 hours we measured 346.5 mm (13.64 inches) of rain. We only average 400 – 450 mm per year! This was caused by Cyclone Dando.
Only the tail of Dando caused this
Due to the heavy rain and floods the main access into the reserve eroded out and it caused a few massive 20 – 30 m ‘gorges’ and no vehicles can reach camp for major deliveries like diesel at this point. Smaller things we carry across from suppliers to the Land Rovers.
Argyle main road
We lost our main electricity and our main water pump. At this point in time we run our generator (5 hrs per day as we are having difficulty to get diesel in), a stand-by water pump and skeleton staff to limit usage on available resources. Everything in camp is at this stage still very damp but we are very fortunate not to have excessive structural damage caused.
View from poolFrom room 4
ReceptionPool area
Room 8 pathwayRoom 8
Room 10 & 11Waterbuck view, river down
River calmingDisplaced sand
After hours funAfter hours
They are predicting more rain towards next week (Cyclone Funso) which may miss, but we are prepared and buffered the rooms by moving everything out of waters reach. We are currently busy with damage control and are busy fixing the main access into the lodge.
Cyclone funsoFunso
We’ll keep you updated on our progress when we have enough power to work with!

Take Care!

Morné Hamlyn and ALL at KINGS CAMP.

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