We just spent 5 nights at Kings Camp and everything there exceeded our wildest expectations. We had room 11, which is one of the honeymoon suites (though we didn't book this -- we maybe just got upgraded because they only appeared to be about half full?). The room was enormous and had both a huge tub, a huge indoor shower, and an outdoor shower, as well as a private pool. They come into the rooms during game drives and clean and tidy things, as well as doing turndown service during dinner. There are loads of special touches, including lots of free things in the room, like a plate of fruit and lots of free drinks, from water to several types of wine, beer, liquor and soft drinks. Only things that aren't free are the Pringles and two larger bottles of wine. The staff were fabulous -- friendly and efficient. But on top of all of that, the game drives were SPECTACULAR. They feed you tons of food, which was always excellent. Sometimes you eat dinner all together with others from your jeep and your ranger, sometimes they set it up privately. We had dinner next to our pool one night. You don't appear to get to choose how you do dinner. Breakfast and lunch are set up at individual tables at the dining space. We went on 10 drives and all of them were fabulous. We had multiple sitings of all the big 5, including 7 different leopards on a single day and one great viewing (that was just our one vehicle with 5 tourists and 2 guides) of 4 lion cubs with the mother and father, playing around. We also saw some great interactions between a leopard cub, it's big brother, and their mother over an impala kill (mother had killed it, big brother had stolen it, little brother and mother snuck back to get some of it, big brother eventually chased them off). We watched a herd of water buffalo gather at a watering hole and be told off by a hippo, and saw so many things you would never seen in a zoo. Our tracker, Albert, and our ranger, Cynet, were so knowledgable and amazing. Our fellow safari goers (safarians? ;) had just been at Sabi Sands for a few nights and were blown away by how much better quality the game drives were at Kings Camp. They also said they saw WAY more other tourists at the other place in cars driving around than we did, and that often when you found some animals to watch, there were be many other cars there as well. We did sometimes have to take turns with other cars to fit into tight spots or not to spook a predator, but it was all very amiable, and did not feel crowded at all and was typically three cars at the most. But often it was just us. Do yourself a favour and book a safari to Kings Camp. And stay at least 3 nights -- our 5-night trip was not too long at all!!


My husband and I traveled to Kings Camp for 3 nights as part of our honeymoon. It was absolutely perfect in every way! Our room was absolutely beautiful, the drives were incredible ( our driver, Cynet was extremely knowledgable, funny and determined to find all animals for us), the food was great and the grounds themselves were serene and really gave us the feel of the BUSH! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful and made us feel like royalty from the moment we got picked up from the airport until we got dropped off. I am so happy I chose Kings Camp since there are so many options to choose from. I would love to return again in the future!


12 July 2015 on my 40th Birthday, you all made it such a special day for me. the game drive was spectacular and with a lot of info. when we got back to the Lodge we went to the bar to relax before our dinner.While in the bar we where called to few a leopard not far away. how great was that. When we arrived at our dinner table there was a hand made birthday card for me with name tags for where we all where seated. as this was not the only surprise that awaited me they especially baked me a chocolate cake that beautifully decorated. Thank you for making my day so special.


My husband and I spent 3 nights at Kings Camp and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The manager met us with drinks and cool cloths, showed us around (the library, dining room, bar, elevated viewing platform overlooking watering hole, swimming pool, and baobob tree!), and by the time we got to our room our bags were waiting for us. The room was huge; king bed (very comfortable), armoire, sitting area, private terrace in back, roomy bathroom with double sinks, tub, and indoor and outdoor showers. Food and drinks were included, and we enjoyed all the meals, including a surprise dinner out in the bush with campfires and lanterns. We went out every morning and afternoon on game drives with our ranger, Remember, and our tracker, Elvis. Game viewing was exceptional, although one must understand that animals cannot be “guaranteed”; the white lions that had been there the week before had moved out of our range, but we had amazing encounters with leopards! There was just enough time for relaxing between 2 game drives and 3 meals a day! I made several visits to their gift shop, which had some lovely things and was reasonably priced.


Feeling at a loss for words to adequately describe the experience that is Kings Camp. From the minute you are scooped up at the airport, to the minute you arrive back at the airport for your return flight, it was nothing short of the best time our family has ever had. Each and every one of the staff members has a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eyes. The attention to detail, every need met, and then some. Our Driver and conservationist, Patrick and his awesome Tracker, Albert were hands down, the best part of our time out in the bush. My husband was to go onto a hunt in Zimbabwe, and Patrick and Albert, spent lots of their down time, helping him with tracking technique. The passion those two people share for what they do for a living, is so heart warming and special. We are already talking about another go round perhaps in the next year or so. What a special place on earth this is. I cried when we had to leave. I left a part of my soul out there at Kings Camp. Thank you all for such a wonderful experience. Cheers! Barbie and Jimmie Fortner, Ruth Jeffs, and Maryann Yates


What a wonderful experience! My wife and I spent five nights at Kings Camp in June. We had an amazing room with a private pool. The food was wonderful (plentiful and varied). The game viewing was excellent. But, first and foremost, the staff was lovely. Great service and genuinely nice people that you wanted to converse with and enjoy a glass of wine with. My lasting impression of the hotel was the fact that several of the staff walked us out to our car upon our departure and waved as we drove down the driveway. Probably the single biggest reason that South Africa ended up being our best vacation ever.


July found us back again at our most favourite place in the world.. Kings Camp. Back for the third time.It felt like coming back home.. the huge welcome we received at the airport from Warren , the drive leading upto the camp..my family geting more and moe excited as familiar landscape rolled by..and then.. aaah... seeing the camp standing by itself in the middle of the dry african bush ( being winter there) .. meeting and hugging our long friends Warren,Tristan, shauna, mellisa, Lisha and ofcourse Patrick, guys cant thank you enough for the love, warmth and friendship you have honoured us with... then walking up to our beautiful room ( which is always reserved for us)... ohhh sheer bliss!!

what makes this our home away from home.. hmmm.. I might need more space than whats given to go on and on. the first thing which comes to my mind is the utter warmth and friendliness of EVERYONE there.. from the managers Warren and Lisha to the kitchen staff, Nico, the servers, the tracketrs, the office staff, our lovely rangers... everyone has a smile on their face, a twinkle in their eye, a joke or a helpful word on their lips. It wasnt just us who were made to feel like the most special people in the world, but all the guests who came and enjoyed this hospitality. I have yet to see another camp who has so many returns. Each gueat is remembered with fondness even if their last trip was a couple of years back and little anecdotes are shared about their sightings and stay with them. you feel like you belong... simple!

I cant thank you guys enough for making each trip so special for us everytime. Special mention goes out to : Warren and Lisha , an amazing couple who run this beautiful camp like their own.Tristen, shauna, mellisa who buzz around the camp making sure every thing is par excellence, yet always having time to stop by to have a chat or share a joke or chase after their two adopted cats!Morney, Colburt,Sinead and ofcourse our beloved ranger Patrick. Words arnt enough to thank you Patrick for the friendship and care you honour us with time and time again! Selby , and albert our lovely hardworking trackers who can literally find a needle in the haystack! Nicoh and his wonderful team who fed us day after day with yummy delicious gourmet food! the wonderful servers who aldeady knew our ‘specials’ and without hesitation would make them magically appear in front of us without us having to even ask for them.

If I had one negative thing to say about the camp is.. its that we cant live there round the clock!! Reality does come back to cloud our haze of bliss and we have to adjust to getting back to real life. We had tears in our eyes when we left.. but also a smile.. knowing we shall be back sooner than you can say ‘morning morning’ :)

love you all and thankyou again for a dream come true.


In reviewing such sites, there are really two factors to consider and review. One is the site itself as far as the staff, the amenities, the service, the facilities - the typical “hotel” review, as it were. The other, however, for a site as unique as is this one, is the quality specifically of the nature reserve, their guides, their trackers, their vehicles - the AFRICA that you came to see and experience. I will agree with all those reviewers who found the staff superlative in all ways - who found that they were as service oriented as the highest rated European or American five star luxury hotel. I agree that the facilities are wonderful, and that the experience there is superb.


Even that must pale in comparison to the safari experiences themselves that we experienced with this group. Our guide, Colbert, and our Tracker, Selby, were, well, incomparable. They were not just immensely friendly - they were not just almost eerily knowledgeable - they were not just tremendously capable as trackers and guides at finding game - they were genuinely themselves excited by doing so and by being among the animals each time we found them. The vehicles were more not only comfortable than others we had experienced on safari at other locations we had gone to in several countries in the south of Africa for the preceding few weeks, but the way that Colbert drove, and the care in which he ensured that we were properly positioned relative to the animals yet considering our requests for proper lighting and position of the sun relative to the animals for photographic purposes (with a 400/2.8 lens, there is a lot riding on the photographic success of this photo safari trip), and the patience that he showed in our requests for more - and more - and more yet again, was incomparable. When we found a mother leopard and her cub or a herd of elephants that surrounded us and let us observe from within them or a rare spotting of a honey badger during the daytime - if it meant that we would return back to camp later than what had been “officially advertised”, then so be it, they did so without a second’s hesitation. They were so concerned that we have the most successful and enjoyable time on our safari experience that this overwhelmed all other considerations except for safety. And the love that Colbert felt for these animals was almost palpable. Going for a brief hour or so walk in the bush with him was the icing on the cake.

There are many ways to go on safari. But if one can afford to do so, going with a guide and a tracker is soooo much more efficient (rather than merely hoping that you find by chance the animals you are seeking). Doing so in a private reserve where you are permitted to follow some of these animals into the bush (and I do mean INTO the bush - over bushes, down hills - these guys are experienced bush drivers!) is the ONLY way to actually find and observe these magnificent creatures from so close that we could absolutely literally just about touch them in most cases. And doing it with Guides and Trackers with this level of knowledge, experience, and customer orientation - well, that’s incomparable.

If you can afford this type of safari, look no further, for you have just found THE perfect one. You can count me as another life member of the “Kings Camp Fan Club”, as it were - and one who is already dreaming about a return visit...


We visited Kings Camp on our honeymoon for a 3 day safari and had such a wonderful time. The room we had was absolutley stunning (the honeymoon house - look at the pic attached). Every single detail had been thought of (most importantly all the alcohol and treats!). From the rolling bath, to the huge shower, private pool, lounge area, massive bed and overall style it ticked every box (and 3x over!).The game drives were superb and we saw a leopard on nearly every drive.The staff are also very welcoming, experienced and genuine. It was such a beautiful place to stay and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Thank you for making our honeymoon so special - we’d love to return one day.


We spent three weeks in Europe and Africa in June, and Kings Camp was our first safari lodge. After three nights there, we were so spoiled that I didn’t want to leave! Everything was so carefully taken care of, from our initial greeting by managers Warren and Lisha, Assistant Manager Tristan, and a crew of folks offering us cold washcloths to freshen up and a cool drink as well. When we went to our room, I could not believe how spacious and beautiful it was. Each room is a separate cottage, with a large bed with mosquito netting (dropped in the evening by our housekeeper, who also left a personalized note each evening). There was a large living area, with sofa and chairs, an armoire, lots of storage space, and service for tea or coffee. Our game drives, with ranger, Morne, and tracker, Selby, were fabulous--comfortable open air vehicles which could go anywhere in search of the wildlife. Morne worked hard to find us all the big game, and lots of birds and smaller game as well. He had so much information about the animals, their habits and habitat, and environmental issues. There were never more than 6 of us in the vehicle. The food was absolutely delicious and abundant--fresh fruit, delicious baked goods, and a varied menu. We ate dinner in a different location every night--the beautiful dining room, an outdoor dining room, with candlelight and gorgeous table settings, and a bush dinner with drums playing, fire going, and again candlelight and gorgeous table settings (different from the other ones!). It is apparent that everyone at this lodge takes pride in providing a most special experience. We cannot thank them enough for making my dream come true, and I hope we will be able to return again and again!


We just returned from a trip to South Africa, and the last stop on our vacation was Kings Camp. As you can tell when you read the other reviews, this is a very special place. This is clear from the start when you are greeted by the camp managers Warren and Lishia who have been at the camp for 17 years and are raising their family there. They are invested. But I give high marks as well to our trackers and guides, the dining room staff, the chef, our housekeeper...

We learned a lot on our outings into the bush each day, and had a wonderful time over the three days we spent there. The guide and tracker were not only knowledgeable about the animals we saw but also birds, plants, trees, constellations.

The food was excellent, and it seemed like we were treated to wonderful meals and small treats all day long. It’s a good thing that there was a gym to work out in during the middle of the day. I would not hesitate to recommend Kings Camp to all of my friends.


We have delayed writing a report on this Lodge for some unknown reason until now. The reason being, “how can we put together words that truly describe this magnificent place”.

We have followed the Camp blogs by Morne and Patrick for 12 months prior to our visit in late April 2012 and have been amazed at there detailed and astonishing reports and photos and just hoped that our experiences would match during our visit....and they did.

In one word to describe this Lodge is “WOW”

We self drove to Kings Camp from spending 2 weeks in Kruger National Park and following the scenic drive were met by the “family” Melissa, Shanna, Tristan and Dane who made us feel right at home the very minute we were handed a refreshing drink. Dane was just as excited as we were as it was his first week at Kings Camp…..lol.

Following our registration we were escorted to our room, No.11 being one of the honeymoon suites. We could not believe how wonderful this room was both in size and style, this was a place you could easily live in forever.

After coming back to earth from seeing our wonderful room, we were invited to lunch prior to the afternoon game drive where we met Clessy, Initia. Lodick, Maggie and Shirley who truly looked after our every need at meal times for the next 4 days. A special mention to Nico who produced an outstanding menu throughout our stay….well done Nico.

Warren and Lisha manage the lodge and were discreetly around to ensure all was well.

The lodge grounds are laid out well with rooms located either side of the main office/reception area. The restaurant, bar, lounge and library are well situated in a common area with an upper deck that overlooks the swimming pool and water hole. The upper deck is also the meeting place for that first coffee fix of the day complimented by warm muffins before heading out on the early morning game drive.

OK, now to the main reason for being here, “the wildlife”.

Our ranger was Morne, with Selby tracking, and both complimented each other perfectly to find us some unbelievable sightings. Morne was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the wildlife and surrounding environment and explained everything in layman’s terms.

We were a bit sceptical heading to the Timbavati region as we “perceived” as reported by others that the wildlife wasn’t as plentiful as other regions such as Sabi Sands, but soon realised it was not the case as the area has an abundance of wildlife and the amount of sightings we encountered are too many to mention, however it goes without saying we had numerous sightings of our favourite big cats.

Thank you so much for a wonderful and memorable time. Kings camp is now one of the most highlighted places in the world that we have been fortunate enough to visit.


This lodge was the best in every aspect. You were made very special and the staff are as good as any in Africa. Food,rooms excellent. Great safari experiences,lots of animals and very good ranger knowledge. Our ranger Patrick and tracker Albert were experts and told the animal stories in very special ways. We went to 3 game parks and this is the must return one. It would be worth a day to just relax and take in the facilities as well as it is relaxed and tranquil

Thanks to the team Peter and Elizabeth Short


We just returned from our South African trip and Kings Camp was definitely the highlight of our 2 week trip. This is a place to return to time and again. Warren and Lisha are such gracious and welcoming hosts and this is mirrored in all the staff. The accommodations - well our daughter thought they looked like something out of Ralph Lauren ad. The food was delicious and chef, Nico, even shared a delicious recipe. Our ranger was Patrick and our guide was Albert. They were incredible, working hard for sightings and situating us to to get a great photo. Patrick’s passion and enthusiasm was contagious and his knowledge was vast. He inspired and educated us. Our profound thanks to all the people at Kings Camp for making our visit so special and memorable.


I wanted to add our review of our stay at Kings Camp this May 2012. I did a lot of research trying to decide where to stay on our trip to South Africa. This is a long and expensive trip and I wanted to get it right. After much consideration, we chose Kings Camp, and I am glad that we did. After reading all the reviews, I wasn’t sure any place could live up to them. But Kings Camp did. We have returned from SA and all I can say is - this was the most fun, relaxing, tranquil, educational trip we have ever taken. It was amazing. I did not want to leave. I didn’t really believe everyone who said, oh you’ll love South Africa and being on safari, but they were right!

Kings Camp was absolutely wonderful, all the staff, all the amenities, everything - they seemed to anticipate your needs before you knew them. Tristan, Shanna and Dane were hands on and always ready to answer any questions and take care of any requests. Warren and Lisha are gracious hosts - they make you feel comfortable right away, without intruding on your privacy. All of our connections getting to and back from Kings Camp worked like clock-work. All of the dining and housekeeping staff are friendly, with genuine smiles for you. The warm bath at the end of the evening game drive (you have to ask for it after the first night because some guests don’t want it -how crazy are they?) is a real treat.

And the game drives were just - well, words don’t do them justice. Our ranger and tracker, Patrick and Albert, absolutely made the trip. They were so full of information, so generous, patient, passionate and good at what they do, it’s amazing. We cannot recommend them highly enough. We went on two game drives a day - one from 6:00 am to 9:00 am and then again from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. We saw lions, leopards, giraffe, elephants, wart hogs, cape buffalo, impala, rhino, hippo, tons of birds, baboons, monkeys. We were charged by a lion, an elephant snorted at us and pounded his feet and waved his trunk in a threatening manner, all within 5 feet of the jeep. We were surrounded by elephant one night, close enough to reach out and touch them. Which we didn’t. We saw a rhino and her baby calf, the calf was suckling and when the mom rhino moved, the baby gave out this little bitty whine. We saw a pride of lions nuzzling each other; the next day they were hunting a cape buffalo, the next day they were eating the cape buffalo they killed.

When it came time to leave, Lisha, Tristan and Shanna were all there to give us hugs and wish us safe travels. How often does that happen? This is a truly special place.


Our stay at Kings Camp was beyond words. From the time Warren picked us up to the moment we left, it was pure joy. The lodge is lovely. Elegance but with restraint. Nothing over the top, but very beautiful, comfortable and commodious. And what’s not to like about an outdoor shower. The admin staff are there to greet you. The food is excellent and beautifully presented three times a day by the chef and his staff. The entire staff is friendly and helpful and they really love hearing about your experiences. Special kudos to our driver, Remember, and our tracker, Elvis. The best ever. We saw the most amazing sights, virtually every animal there was to see including the rare wild dogs as well as a lion pride on the hunt. Remember had an amazing store of knowledge about the bushveld and its inhabitants that helped us understand just how special these areas and animals are. We were treated like well-loved family. Special events were our Boma and the Bush dinner--the word incredible doesn’t cover it. For those who like to exercise (if you can fit it into your schedule, there is a small gym. For those who want massage, there are full services in a small glass enclosed area on the grounds where you can watch for wildlife at the watering hole). After dark, there is always someone to escort you to and fro from your thatched roof cottage to wherever you wish to go. The camp is fairly small, so going from cabins to the beautiful dining area or the shop or to get to the jeeps is no problem--and you might see a monkey on your walk!!! There is a lovely lounge with a full bar, areas both indooors and out to sit and relax, including a second story sitting area from which you can see the water hole which often has impala around it. I could go on and on, but to sum up---WOW. I sure want to go back.


I usually use these forums to vent my disappointments but I’ve got NOTHING bad at all to say about this experience, in fact I could froth at the mouth for hours about how good this place is. You can have all the trimmings you like but if the staff cant deliver its not worth a cracker. Kings Camp delivers. The service was excellent and we felt welcome from the outset. Our two children are aged 6 and 8 and I would like to thank all the staff for making the kids feel so welcome. The days are long for young children but our guide Morne, and his tracker Selby were outstanding, they were tolerant and inclusive. The place was thick with wildlife, we loved the sunset drinks and the nocturnal drive home was something else. We covered so much ground for the 12 drives and there was never a dull moment. On each return to the camp the staff were waiting to makes sure we were not left wanting. Our family was split into two vehicles and our 6 year old spent time with Remember and Elvis who were very good to her. The accomodation was very comfortable, loved the outdoor showers! Nico and his team kept the great food coming and yet again they went out of their way for the children with meal timing and menus. This is a superb place serviced by excellent staff, Thanks Lisha and Melissa and I know G&T (as do we) really want to thank Morne, Selby, Remeber, Elvis, Nico and Johannes for the way they were treated during our visit. To anyone who is contemplating such a holiday, you wont go wrong at Kings Camp.......and make sure you have one of Shirleys Dom Pedros before you hit the pillow.

5 STAR BIG 5 *****

If you want to experiance true pampering and luxury in the midst of the most beautiful wilderness- then head to Kings Camp. We spent a week here and it was too short. Every day was wonderful and unique. Our guide Morne was like a magician who could seemingly produce on demand any animal in the bush that my demanding photographer husband would mention. We had some of the most amazing experiances- from watching an entire pride of lions feed just a few feet away from us, to a leopard hunting, to watching a heard to wild buffalo milling around the jeep and elephants literally brushing past. And after that wild experiance you shock your system by coming home to plush beds with electric blankets, a super luxurious bathroom and gourmet meals served with the best wines. Since we own a luxury camp ourselves in India, our expectations were high to say the least- and Kings camp surpassed them all.


My husband booked this trip as a surprise for my ‘big’ birthday this year. He chose Kings Camp based upon a recommendation from a client who had stayed there previously. This place is just amazing - we are forever changed after spending 3 nights in this incredible environment.

First, the accommodations are beautiful, with attention to every detail. Our room had a King size bed with crisp white bed linens and soft blankets, and billows of white mosquito netting tied back and let down at night, beautiful roomy bathroom including a claw foot tub, an outdoor shower enclosure to shower under the stars (which we did). The food was wonderful and abundant!

As outstanding as all of that was to us, that wasn’t what made our trip over-the-top unforgettable...it was the people of Kings Camp that put this place on the map. All of the staff is welcoming from the moment you step onto the property. The entire staff is overly accommodating, quick to respond to your needs and requests and always with a smile. They know and use your name, so it feels very personal.

By far though, our guide (Patrick) and tracker (Albert) made the experience what it was…simply unforgettable. Patrick has a recognizable passion for the entire ecosystem of the African bush, and his ability to passionately share his knowledge from the smallest insect to the largest of the big 5 is remarkable. He has a respect for the wildlife as well as for the guests of Kings Camp, and having him guide our experience created something akin to magic! Albert’s tracking ability gave way to many sightings, including a brilliant sighting of 3 Rhino’s one stormy night, deep in the brush – an adult male, adult female and baby. He disappeared for 30 minutes and then called on the radio that he’d found them. We also were fortunate enough to see a white lioness – Timbavati is the only place in the world where they exist. That was beyond special!

I must mention also, there was a day we were sitting by the pool in between game drives, and giraffe’s were grazing about 100 yards away. Surreal…

Kings Camp will be an experience you won’t soon forget if you are fortunate enough to spend time here. We are already thinking about when we can go back….and after 34 hours of travel to get home, you know that must mean it was incredible!


You can find all sort of superlative comments for KC, each one of them is 100% deserved.

Food,accomodation, hospitality , the safaris , the rooms and the gym are above standard,but above all is the warm and friendly atmoshere that the KC staff is able to crate that makes you feel like the KING .. The magic Africa and the wildlife complete the miracle.

Thanks to all of you and a special thanks to our guides Albert and Patrick, we saw some new born Leopard, Rhino and Elephant and some hunting Painted Wolfs.

For our son Elia was a touching stunning lifetime experience.

We will come back.

Keep preserving Africa and all its beauty.

Roby , Elia Dario


We visited for three days on New Years. two teenage girls with us. It was the Trip of a Lifetime. There were 3 major things that made the trip. 1) Hospitality. From Warren meeting us at the airport, to the entire staff, this is a first class operation. 2) Guides - we had Morne as our guide and Selby as the tracker. These guys are experts. Let me tell you, getting teenagers interested for hours and hours is a real skill. Morne is also an avid photographer and works to position the vehicle for great shots. 3) Safaris - I guess I had low expectations because someone told me that the summer months are not great because it’s the rainy season and there is a lot of foliage so its harder to spot things. I loved it because the foliage and greenery was spectacular and we had no issues with finding the big 5 and more! it was really a special trip that words can’t describe, so all i can do is post a few photos and tell you it was worth every penny.

Thanks to the Kings Camp team for exceeding our expectations.


Kings Camp in Timbervarti Private Game Reserve, everything about it was excellent, the people, the service, the room, the driver, tracker and guide and the food. Nothing was too much trouble for them.

The drives through the game parks were such an amazing experience. The guide, Cynert, was incredibly knowledgable and entertaining. We really got to experience the animals up close and met lovely people from all over the world.

Can’t wait to get back there.


King’s Camp is a small, welcoming “oasis” in the midst of the seclusion of the Timbavati Game Reserve adjacent to Kruger Park. We didn’t know what to expect. Would we be roughing it at this remote location? Quite to the contrary, we had all the amenities necessary to feel pampered if not down right spoiled. Gourmet food and open bar......check! Friendly and efficient staff.....check! Spacious, well appointed room with private pool.....check! Hot bubble bath surrounded by lit candles on returning from our evening safari.....check! Wifi.....check! Big five sightings.....check! Rare white lions sighting.....check! Knowledgable, personable guide and tracker.....check! Let me pause in my accolades about King’s Camp and tell you the best part of this whole experience. That would be Patrick, our guide. We had never met anyone quite like him. He knew everything about everything from the largest mammal to the smallest insect and respected every living creature’s intrinsic value. On the rare occasions that we had to search for a while for an animal sighting, Patrick would keep it interesting by giving a dissertation on what lived in a little hole in the ground that we found. Or when following a female leopard leaving her “calling card” on various trees we were thoroughly informed about this animal behavior. I could go on and on but let us suffice to say Patrick is the best guide on the planet!


We had a fantastic 3-night stay at Kings. The lodge is extremely luxurious, and our room was of a very high standard. We enjoyed being able to relax on the sofas in the living area, and the twin outdoor-showers are a nice touch. The staff made us feel very welcome and were always helpful.

The game viewing was exceptional, particularly the leopard and wild dog sightings, which were better than we’ve seen at other lodges in South Africa. The food was very good (though not quite good as the food we enjoyed at some other safari lodges). As an added bonus, the lodge is a very quick transfer from/to Hoedspruit airport.


People often say that they can’t wait to go back, but don’t always do it. I couldn’t wait to get back to Kings Camp, and made sure I did.

This place will take your breath away, no kidding. The rooms are to-die-for, the food first class, and the game is everywhere.

I’ve visited many lodges in the Kruger and in other reserves and Kings Camp is, for me, the gold standard.

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