Magnolia's stunning décor combines soft and whimsical French elements with bits of Africa. Unusual local products and artwork previously unseen in this region were sourced to complete this unique and fresh interior.

The result is a multi-layered and quirky mix of design in a contemporary space with huge visual appeal. Many pieces, such as the cast iron garden furniture, were designed exclusively for the restaurant. Soft colours are offset by items such as an enormous mud chandelier, vibrant local art and larger-than-life, custom-made lampshades. The lighting of utmost importance, and a lot of thought went into creating ambient lighting. During the day, natural light emphasises the feminine, playful elements; after dark the atmosphere is exclusive and magical.

Our vision was to create a space with traditional, clean lines, but with an unusual mix of visual interest, which we feel we have achieved. We’ve also left enough of a blank canvas for the art to set the tone. It’s a look that surprises and delights.


French flair in the Lowveld.

Fell in love when I walked
through the door.

The beautifully designed interior
and architecture of the restaurant
perfectly compliments the
beautifully presented food.

A lovely setting and décor to match...

The places set up is very
attractive and alluring...

The décor at Magnolia is
really something special.

The location is stunning, décor is
chic, and the food is divine!

The venue itself is beautifully
decorated and is the perfect setting...


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