Founders, Warren Moore and Nic Squires met at Technikon in 1993 while studying Nature Conservation and soon became good friends. They went onto successful careers in conservation and Eco Tourism with Warren joining Kings Camp in 1995 as a field guide and very soon after being promoted to the General Manager of Kings Camp where he works and lives today with his wife and children. Nic followed his purist conservation ideals and joined the South African National Parks Board as a Wilderness trails guide completing more than 200 trails spanning 10 years. Nic is a phenomenal bird specialist and earned the name “Mantengu” from the local folk of the region. Mantengu is the name given to the Fork tailed drongo and describes the bird as a mimic of many other bird calls. Nic’s superb knowledge of all bird calls earned him this comparison to the drongo.

In 2007, Warren and Nic got together and saw an opportunity to begin a transport service for clients from airports and destinations in the Kruger Lowveld Region. Together they purchased their first Toyota quantum and the existence of Mantengu Tours and Safaris came into being. Soon after in 2008, Jack Brotherton of Seasons in Africa joined forces with Warren and Nic and the company changed its trading name to Seasons in Africa Transfers and Excursions. Since 2008 the company has gone from strength to strength and today we are a proud and reputable transfer company offering top class service right from reservations to our warm and friendly drivers.

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