The Flight of Angels...
An unimaginable experience of graceful flying and surrounding beauty.

Experience the Flight of Angels, an unforgettable helicopter flight with breathtaking views of the mighty Victoria Falls, the Batoka Gorge, the Zambezi River and the lush Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

With Batoka Sky, adventurers can choose from 15 minute, 22 minute and 30 minute Victoria Falls helicopter flights. We also offer Gorge Liftouts, because after White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River, the best way to return to Livingstone is by helicopter. It is an exhilarating finish to your river rafting experience, which saves you an exhausting two hour walk! Another incredible experience offered by Batoka Sky is the Gorge Picnic at Bobo Camp; a delectable lunch at rapid 21 accompanied by stunning aerial views over the Zambezi River and Batoka Gorge.



SHORT HELICOPTER FLIGHT (approx 15 mins) : A thrilling introductory flight departing from the Maramba Airfield, over the incredible scenery of the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls. Circle over the Falls and the various islands, and then return to the Maramba Airfield.


22 MINUTE HELICOPTER FLIGHT : A slightly longer flight than the Short Flight above, with the addition of an exciting swoop into the Batoka Gorge.


LONG HELICOPTER FLIGHT (approx 30 mins) : After viewing the Falls, enjoy an exhilarating Victoria Falls helicopter flight over the local villages to the Batoka Gorge, following the Zambezi River to rapid 26. Circle over the Victoria Falls and the islands, before returning to the Maramba Airfield.


GORGE LIFTOUTS : Climbing out of the Batoka Gorge after white water rafting on the Zambezi River, and the subsequent road transfer, can take up to two hours, and is challenging for even the most experienced of athletes. Batoka Sky’s Gorge Liftout, on the other hand, takes just 15 minutes, and includes an exhilarating flight through the Batoka Gorge, circling over the Victoria Falls and then landing at the Maramba Aerodrome. Travellers can be collected from rapid 10 after half-day white water rafting, from rapid 21 after full-day white water rafting, from rapid 25 after the Jet Extreme boat experience, and from Ghost Rider or the Matetsi River Mount after multi-day rafting trips.

RATES: Valid 01 December 2018 – 31 October 2019
15 minute Helicopter Flight $ 189 Min 2 People BOOK NOW
22 minute Helicopter Flight $ 250 Min 2 People BOOK NOW
30 minute Helicopter Flight $ 360 Min 2 People BOOK NOW
Gorge Liftout Rapid # 10 incl. Falls $ 225 Min 4 People BOOK NOW
Gorge Liftout Rapid # 21 incl. Falls $ 270 Min 4 People BOOK NOW
Gorge Picnic: Bobo Camp $ 440 Min 6 People BOOK NOW
Gorge Liftout Jet Extreme Heli Pad $ 205 Min 4 People BOOK NOW
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These fifteen minutes felt like an
eternity hanging over the Falls and
absorbing its mesmerizing beauty.

...the helicopter flight over
Victoria Falls was the best.

... these 15 minutes in the air
were the best time of my life.

It was worth every penny. more than lived up to expectations.

A thrilling way to see Victoria Falls.




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